Monday, July 9, 2012

Amazing story, Amazing God!

Every year Bro. Hopkins requires every child going to Heritage to try and get a donation of $25.00. This year I wanted to try to get more than that… I was talking to Bro. Green about it and he said that 175.00 (the whole cost of heritage) would be SO easy to raise that there were businesses out there willing to donate!...  Well we went to Sanderson Ford and a place out here in surprise called Nicks we go there a lot so I figured why not? All they can say is no right?! So we left a brochure with the people at Nicks and at Sanderson Ford we talked to the wrong guy so we just left them the brochure and said we would come back later??? Well that was last Tuesday… Thursday my Mom noticed that my dentist appointment was the 17th which is the day we leave for Heritage so she called to reschedule there were booked till August :O my Mom asked if there were any cancelations and there was one that day at 3:45 so we said we would be there! I have gone to this dentist since I was 3 so she knows us pretty well! Well she was asking about my summer and how it’s been, what I have planned etc. So I started telling her about heritage :D I told her that I have a favor to ask her and that if she couldn’t do it that it would be fine… I asked her and handed her a brochure she didn’t even read it!!! She said “let me get you a check right now if I don’t do it now I’ll forget” we went to the front desk to make our next appointment and she walked out with a folded check and handed it to me I gave her a big hug and said thank you so much its very appreciated! We left the office and I said to my Mom, Mom! I think the check is for $250.00 :O my Mom said Hannah even if its $25.00 it’s still something well I opened the check and I was right it was written out for $250.00!!! I was so happy I called Bro. Hopkins immediately and told him the good news!! It was so wonderful! God knew and knows exactly what we need! I just told my pastor this story last night after church! Then this morning first thing my Mom said to me was Hannah I have some really good news to tell you!!… I was trying to figure out who was pregnant in the church or my family!!! Haha! But I walked to the living room and my Mom begin to tell me that her phone rang first thing this morning and it was Bro. Hopkins telling her that Pastor had just received a phone call from the general manager of Sanderson Ford saying that because of the letter that was dropped of about the youth trip they would be dropping off a donation at the church today for $500.00!!! Thank you Jesus!!! Not only did God provide me a way to go he also provided 2 other people a way to go!!! ♪♫To God be the glory♫♪

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